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It's been an idea in the making for several years, a collection of loose threads consisting of fashion, business and technology, now tied to a unique purpose.  
After pocketing useful tidbits from many conversations and meeting extraordinary people, Saskia Fairfull, founding advisory board member realised now was the time for an independent advisory board within fashion.  To provide the necessary guidance to fashion organisations to adopt and improve before any chance of their flame being snuffed out.

The Independent Fashion Advisory Board consists of local and international experts who have identified and experienced the same opportunity as Saskia, whereby those businesses unable to keep up with change, or develop a strong brand identity, get left behind and are consequently given an end date.  
Our collective can help to minimise those risks and reshape a company's direction alongside an existing company board, executive leadership team or retail startups and new designers launching in market.

Areas of expertise range from transformation strategy & implementation; branding & marketing; business process improvement; digital adoption (in-house & external); in-store experience & design; customer mapping; traffic flow; data analysis; and startup mentoring.



Helping fashion businesses build a sustainable future in retail.


We believe in: 
Knowledge sharing
Continuous learning & development
Applying a test and learn approach


We're growing the IFAB community, request to join the Slack channel to communicate and collaborate with like-minded fashion business professionals.


Partner with us

Collaboration and partnerships are key to building innovation and sharing knowledge for the greater good of the fashion industry.  If this is something that interests you to explore further, we're looking to create an ecosystem of businesses who are from sectors including SAAS, analytics, supply chain management, retail tech startups, design, and industry publications.