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Blockchain Technology in Fashion, a game changer in transparency


The Fashion Innovation Agency (FIA) in London recently shared their latest project documenting the logical and relevant need to integrate Blockchain Technology within the fashion process.  It comes at a time when now more than ever, people are asking "who made my clothes?".  
A campaign created by Fashion Revolution, an organisation helping to change an industry known to be the second most polluting sector in the world.  Transparency across the supply chain is a factor being considered throughout the decision making process, what can businesses do about it?

Learn about organisational transparency, management of a fashion business need to be open about the goings-on with team members before sharing a supply chain to customers.
Blockchain Technology is how you will communicate to your customers how and where their clothes were made.  From the farms to the racks people browse through, it can be easily tracked and accessed via their mobile devices.

Plan for transparency - internal and external.  Do you need to have some uncomfortable discussions with stakeholders?  
Ask questions, start to map the company's manufacturing process if it isn't available already.  If you are unable to make decisions for company change, then be an influencer.  
Organise internal training for teams (knowledge management, communication tools, team responsibility & accountability, hackathons).

Engage external consultants to help identify immediate focus points.  
Audit existing processes bringing to light the biggest risks to the business.  Coordinate smaller project teams to complete and report to management regularly (agile methodology will help keep things ticking along).
Launch pilot programs with multi-disciplined teams to evaluate and measure the success of new projects.  

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What can the Independent Fashion Advisory Board do to help you?  
Our board members are experts across fashion and business.  We get that it can be difficult to find genuine help in areas that usually involve several consultancies and agencies, which can result in insufficient deliverables.  Our team can guide you through making the best decisions for the business while helping you develop a brand transparency plan.  

Written by Saskia Fairfull, Founding Member.

Saskia Fairfull