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Australian retail uplifted by local startups

Photo by  Brooke Cagle  on  Unsplash

Retail doom and gloom catch cries are continuing to linger as we welcome a new year.  Many retail experts warning the worst is yet to come, and to expect more insolvencies in the near future. 

A handful of factors contributing to retailers shutting up shop include stock costs, poorly managed digital presence, mishandling of business administration and a disconnect from consumers. 

There is a significant shift happening under the radar, as hundreds of retailers switch gears to ensure their business stays open and relevant.  With the help of two Melbourne start-ups Brauz and Passel, together they are creating the next phase of convenient shopping. 

Brauz and Passel have joined forces taking to market an end-to-end solution for retailers to stay ahead of the game.

“We’re able to establish a digital presence and increase foot-traffic in-store, which takes the pressure off retailers.  Since working with Passel, we can offer Brauz retailers same day deliveries by connecting Passers in local shopping areas to the consumer,” says Jason Frew, Head of Sales and Partnerships at Brauz. 

Brauz and Passel are taking advantage of new technologies and trends such as personalisation, API integration and the sharing economy to fill the gaps large organisations are simply, unable to deliver fast enough.

“In the ongoing battle for a complete delivery solution, Passel's combination of AI and delightful local people completing the deliveries give retailers a clear advantage over pure online stores,” says Marshall Hughes, Passel founder. 

“It’s been interesting to see the smaller independent retailers embrace Brauz because they’re not who we envisaged would be early innovators.  We now have a solid foundation of Australian stores using the Brauz platform to bring their store to the forefront of retail technology” says Jason Frew. 

As retailers are experiencing, affordable options to innovate are scarce and in some instances too high a risk to adopt new technology solutions.  The benefits of engaging startups like Brauz and Passel, they provide an easy roadmap to enhance the business without overhauling existing systems. 

To find out more about Brauz and Passel head to www.brauz.com/business & www.passel.com.au.

Written by Saskia Fairfull, IFAB Founder

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