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Nike announces retail app for connected in-store experience
The Current Daily, link to full article here.

'Nike has announced the launch of Nike App at Retail, a mobile concept that provides in-store customers with a personalised experience via their devices.

The app will allow consumers to be recognised when entering a store, opening up exclusive products within their proximity. It will also allow them to scan product availability in all nearby Nike stores, as well as check out and pay for their in-store purchases.

For customers using the app elsewhere, they can reserve products in a personal locker in-store for try-on and purchase later. The brand is said to be testing several other features that will eventually be incorporated into a wider range of stores.'

‘It lost its focus’: Why an e-commerce push won’t be enough to revive H&M
Glossy Co, link to full article here.

As part of its digital push, H&M plans to extend e-commerce capabilities to 47 new markets in the Middle East this summer, as well as launch two new brands catered to millennial and Gen-Z shoppers. The first, Nyden, will officially launch next week with a focus on collaborations, pop-ups and social commerce, followed by Afound, an off-price marketplace that will sell both H&M and third-party brands. In the report, H&M also notes that it plans to experiment in artificial intelligence and robotics programs, as well as make “continued investments in our tech foundation with robust scalable platforms, faster development of various customer apps and new technologies.”

How Virgil Abloh Can Help Louis Vuitton Regain its Creative Spark
Fast Company, read full article here.

One ongoing theme in Abloh’s career is his belief that great design should be accessible to everyone. He’s collaborated with mass market brands like Ikea, Champion, and Vans, along with high-end brands like Moncler. And through Off-White, he’s taken humble basics–T-shirts, track pants, hoodies–and turned them into works of art by making small tweaks to their construction or materials. The larger message here seems to be that luxury isn’t necessarily about a price point or particular consumer: it’s about attention to detail.

Research: When Retail Workers Have Stable Schedules, Sales and Productivity Go Up
Harvard Business Review, read full research article here.

The relentless rise of online retailers has led to deep soul searching among brick-and-mortar retailers to find ways to compete. The traditional methods of competing through convenience, assortment, and pricing are largely ineffective against online retailers who outperform brick-and-mortar retailers in these dimensions. The last arrow in the quiver is to use service as a way to distinguish themselves from online retailers. Yet, research suggests that retailers tend to view store associates as an expense to be controlled rather than as a medium to provide better service for customers.

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