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IFAB Disruptors: The Fabricant

The fashion industry as we know it is morphing into something completely different, with some aspects hyper-focused on experience in both the physical and digital environments. From grab'n'go payment methods to newly developed sustainable textiles, there are some new kids on the block who are bringing fashion into the digital era via photo realistic animation, and it looks incredible...

We are The Fabricant, a digital fashion animation startup. We create clothes without fabric, photoshoots without models and fashion shows without models or location. We are exploring the possibilities of the digital realm using hyperreal virtual fashion visualisations. Combining fashion design (Amber Jae Slooten) with film and visual effects (Kerry Murphy) and 3D modelling technology (Kevin van Kleef) opens up a new perspective on the pollutive fashion industry.
By chance our paths crossed and from there we started this adventure together. Our aim is to digitise the industry using the latest developments and showing a garment does not have to be physical to exist.


"We are exploring the possibilities of the digital realm using hyperreal virtual fashion visualisations."


What was the catalyst for starting your adventure or business in fashion?
We started talking almost two years ago when we met at Amber's graduation. She was the first AMFI student to graduate with a full digital collection, no garments were made in real life. The digital garments were displayed on a real life model wearing projections.
From there, conversations between Kerry and Amber started happening about the future of the fashion industry. Several projects followed with the three of us until Kerry initiated we start The Fabricant together. Ever since then we have started to explore the endless possibilities of the digital realm.

Where do you look for inspiration in such a hyper-connected world?
Inspiration is something that comes to me (Amber) from the weirdest places and hits me in the face. It can be a city I visit, music I listen to, or even some kind of smell. A lot of my inspiration comes from sci-fi, anime and art history.
A lot of inspiration comes from new technical developments as well. For the latest project we used state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology to design clothing. This would not have been possible if the technology wasn't there yet.

List 3 of your go-to resources for keeping up to date with industry news and trends?
FX Guide
Fashion Innovation Agency
KAV-K Tumblr

In a few sentences, name three people or businesses you admire and why?

  1. Zeitguised, because they shook up the whole industry with their fabric simulations back in 2015. The combination of materials and realism together with the story and sound design was just incredible.

  2. Josefin Jonsson (@pastelae) because she makes such great animations, which really push her vision on the world through. And her colour use is insane.

  3. SixNFive, because they combine realism with 3D animation to create photo real graphic design.

Connect with Amber and Kerry via LinkedIn or their website.