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WeWork launches retail vertical to promote members’ brands, link to full article here.

WeWork has launched WeMRKT, a new retail space featuring products made by WeWork members, giving up-and-coming companies visibility, support and feedback within the co-working space’s community.

Products will  include healthy snacks, office necessities and branded apparel. Julie Rice, the company’s chief brand officer, said the new format is “by our members, for our members” and that WeMRKT is “a great example of WeWork’s commitment to our members’ success”.

GENOSTYLE X LCF read the full article here.

The Fashion Innovation Agency recently supervised post-graduate students from London College of Fashion, working with Genostyle, on a cutting-edge project that used Artificial Intelligence (AI) to measure fashion style.

Genostyle’s technology enables individual customers’ preferences and styles to be characterised and tracked by computer on a massive scale, making possible customisation and online personalisation via advanced algorithms and AI. The need for this capability is well recognised:

“In the age of Amazon.com Inc, other retailers are scrambling to find a way to keep consumers shopping on their sites and in stores. The trick? Personalisation, via data and tech.” (The Wall Street Journal – 20th January 2017).

This small fashion startup has big plans to save the planet, read the full article here.

Aday is small startup with lofty ambitions to, say founders Meg He and Nina Faulhaber, design clothes that help save the planet.

“As entrepreneurs designing for the future, we have to think about what kind of world we want to live in,” Faulhaber tells me. “At our core, we believe that it needs to be the healthiest planet possible, and a sustainable future where we can all live in sync with nature.”

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