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IFAB Disruptors: Okkular


There's no shortage of innovative fashion-tech solutions in Australia and I recently met with the guys from Okkular - Mahendra, Abhishek & Ashwin to talk about their journey as a startup, the problem they're solving and where they find inspiration.

We are Okkular, a fashion tech startup focusing on image analysis using AI for automated attribute generation and visual recommendation. Having an understanding that attribute generation is typically a manual process in fashion retail, we started talking to multiple Aussie retailers and confirmed that this was indeed a problem. They were very keen to use our product once it was developed. We kept the conversation going with these retailers, took their feedback on what they would like to see in the product and now we have a product which we are currently piloting.

What was the catalyst for starting your adventure or business in fashion?
It was purely born out of identifying that there was a problem with existing Attribute Generation software and our team recognised that we could provide a solution to solve the problem.

What technology do you see making the most noise in the next 2 years?
AI/Machine learning, Augmented Reality, using Natural Language Processing (NLP) for better user experience.

Where do you look for inspiration in such a hyper-connected world?
Tech and retail communities, and Startup Mentors.

What would your version of a seamless online to offline (vice versa) fashion experience be for you?
I could buy online and pick up at a nearby store, I should get the same price if it is online or offline.

List 3 of your go-to resources for keeping up to date with industry news and trends?

  1. Business of Fashion,

  2. Tech Meetups,

  3. People I follow on LinkedIn.

In a few sentences, name three people or businesses you admire and why?
Nick Molnar(Afterpay) for being a great mentor, support and how he has built an amazing team around him. Steve blank’s videos for sensible and key knowledge share for startups. Saskia (IFAB) for building a great community for Fashion Tech in Australia and pursuing to make Australian Fashion Tech Startups visible to the world.

Connect with Mahendra, Abhishek & Ashwin via LinkedIn or check out their website.