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IFAB partners with US firm Aesthetic Ventures

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Minister for small business Craig Laundy said this week “it’s those who take the risk that will be providing the jobs of the future.”

The above statement was mentioned during a recent announcement of the Federal Government’s funding to YBF Ventures in Melbourne.

In essence, the push is to encourage entrepreneurs and startups to be more collaborative like the US, and that we should be working on shifting our attitude from being critical to supportive.

This approach to providing an inclusive network is already happening. YBF Ventures has been incredibly supportive aligning to IFAB’s vision nurturing Australian Fashion Innovation.

It’s accurate to note that the US is more progressive in backing startups taking risks to transform industries. However, this presents a huge opportunity for Australia, and a great place to start building glocal collaborations.

And, to show the industry just how determined we are of taking local tech to the global stage, I’m very excited to announce IFAB’s strategic partnership with Austin based venture production studio - Aesthetic Ventures.  

Together, IFAB & Aesthetic Ventures will be working on merging the tech and fashion industries, paving pathways for startups to enter new markets while building long-lasting & impactful fashion-tech businesses.