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What New York magazine opening a brick-and-mortar store tells us about the new media business model*
A thought-provoking article looking at content being a driver in what the future of retail looks like.  We're seeing similar with the likes of Story, New York** and Neighborhood Goods in Plano, Texas.  Both of these physical retailers are amplifying brand story to customers through a curated lens, just like in a magazine. 
*Did a Publisher Just Build the Future of Retail?
**The future of retail is collaboration, says Story’s Rachel Shechtman

Biz Tip
One of the main benefits of leveraging content (across a multitude of channels) for your fashion business is increasing the discoverability of your products on search engines.  If you don't have content for Google to index, how will potential shoppers and users find your website?  To check which of your site pages are indexed, go to a Google window and type in: site: www. yourdomain. com
Also ensure each page has a description and your products have relevant descriptions too.  

NRF Retail's Big Show featured everything from inspiring gadgets to products that may never get off the ground due to an inability to scale.*
The NRF Big show was just a couple of weeks ago in New York with massive companies showcasing their latest innovative solutions and products.  Retail Dive have compiled the top 7 coolest technologies from the show in this article here.
*7 cool tech innovations from NRF

Report: Retailers have zero clue what shoppers really want.*
'We now go to stores because we want to dip our toes back into the real world, not the virtual one. So stop throwing your robots, smart mirrors, and VR headsets at us.'
Interesting take on the perception of new technology from consumers.  I'd suggest that some retailers are in a phase of - throw it and see what sticks.  
*Report: Retailers have zero clue what shoppers really want

There's probably a debate somewhere within this report that's worth discussing and no matter how many executives or shoppers are surveyed it's very generalised across retail. Various technologies are beneficial for different retail segments and while I can somewhat agree that executives are out of the loop when it comes to digital innovation, that's partly the fault of the company not the individual person.  To say that customers don't want to interact with a robot at all in their shopping experience - well, that depends on where it's been implemented in the journey.  For example, a robot in a grocery store providing aisle and food information would be very helpful.  A VR headset would work in stores such as EB Games and an AR app would be fantastic in homewares and lifestyle. 
As for magic mirrors and in-store customer solutions, again it comes down to the environment and feedback from floor staff.  For example, magic mirrors were recently installed at Seafolly's Bondi Beach location.  From the fitting room, shoppers can request other styles and sizes in privacy.  Usually, it's a case of popping your head out of the cubicle to get the attention of a staff member while cautiously holding the curtain around your half naked body.  Lot of vulnerability in that experience to feel uncomfortable.  Technology has been implemented to alleviate that friction point for shoppers.
Technology is here to stay, it's how humans specify the application that's the problem/opportunity. 
I always think about Henry Ford's quote
"If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses."

Anything to add or have comments? Let me know, love to hear them.

Fashion Lab, the creativity Mecca*
The rise of designer labs - fashion houses are taking a leaf out of the startup playbook by opening spaces dedicated to the innovation and promotion of new fashion ideas by nurturing up-and-coming talent.  Much like that of an incubator or accelerator, big brands for example Adidas** see the opportunity of keeping intellectual property at their fingertips.  
*Fashion Lab, the creativity Mecca
**Adidas launches global sports accelerator program at Station F

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