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Top 20 Fashion, Tech & Innovation Events around the World in 2019

Here’s our list of fashion, biz and tech events around the world.

+ 8th March: Australian Fashion Summit, organised by VAMFF.  Event overview here.
+ 24th & 25th July: Online Retailer Conference, Sydney.  Event overview here.

2nd & 3rd April: PI Apparel Hong Kong, organised by Marketkey.  Event overview here.
+ 26th & 27th June: Seamless Asia Singapore, organised by Terrapinn.  Event overview here.
+ 27th & 28th June: Innovfest Unbound Singapore. Event overview here.
+ 18th - 20th September: RetailEx Thailand. Event overview here.

+ 8th - 11th March: SXSW Style Track, Austin Texas.  Event overview here.
+ 4th April: Unified Retailing New York, organised by Columbus Consulting International. Event overview here.
+ 12th April: Fashion Tech Forum New York, organised by Karen Harvey Consulting. Event overview here.
+ 29th April - 1st May, Digiday Retail Summit, Austin Texas. Event overview here.
+ 12th - 14th August: WWDMAGIC, Las Vegas Convention Center. Event overview here.

+ 2nd - 5th July: Startup Fashion Week, Montreal.
+ 15th August: Startup Fashion Week, Vancouver.
+ 21st - 25th October: Startup Fashion Week, Toronto.
Overview of the above events here.

+ 15th May: Drapers Digital Festival, London.  Event overview here.
+ 15th & 16th May: Copenhagen Fashion Summit.  Event overview here.
+ 16th - 18th May: Vivatech, Paris.  Event overview here.
+ 6th June: Decoded Future, London.  Event overview here.
+ July: FashionTech Berlin.  Event overview here.

South Africa
+ 10th - 11th April: Condé Nast International Luxury Conference: Cape Town.  Event overview here.

Do you know of some others that should be on this list? Let us know about them.

Saskia Fairfull