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5 Simple biz tips for fashion eCommerce


5 things you can do to enhance activities or improve process efficiencies in your fashion eCommerce business. The more time you can spend on your business than in it, the better.  This can be either through doing it yourself to understand the biz better, task delegation, automation, outsourcing or scheduling.

1. Know your key messaging off by heart, then write it 5 other different ways to give you alternative options when communicating on social media.  Lead with story, it's feels  genuine and empathetic.

2. Find a large blank wall and create a customer journey map using post-it-notes.  Create two layers: 1. using target audience personas - note the actions they're taking to find out about new brands or products generally (use data you already know about your customers or just simply ask); and 2. jot down what you're doing to raise brand awareness etc. This brings to light touch points you might be missing, areas that could be improved or at the very least, a really great snapshot of the shopper journey specific to your brand. 

3.Document your keyword strategy to amplify efforts of organic search.  Then implement across socials (IG alt-text), blog posts and product descriptions.  Remember to add meta data to your web pages and alt-text to your images to boost online discoverability.

4. Connect a product recommendation engine to your site, and preferably one using AI tech, as it will learn your shopper's individual style and recommend relevant product rather than it being based on this random person also bought... If you're not at that stage, then consider using social media as a way of offering stylist suggestions.

5.  Avoid inconsistent product tagging by integrating with a visual search and tag tool. Eliminates bad data by incorrect naming/tagging conventions, which actually means a super-shit search experience for your shoppers on your site.  

Written by Saskia Fairfull, founding member of the Independent Fashion Advisory Board (IFAB). Connecting tech startups with fashion businesses.

Saskia Fairfull