Frequently Asked Q’s

I'm not sure what you do, please explain

IFAB is an overarching industry body, advisory members can provide independent advice and mentorship to startups, small, medium and large sized fashion businesses.  Through our global connections and community, there is a high chance we can help or put you in contact with someone who can. 

Engagement, cost & payment

Our advisory board members either run their own businesses independently, are part of a company or institution, which is aligned to our collective effort of helping the industry and fashion businesses innovate. 
IFAB is not connected to a corporate or non-profit, it's a community-led industry body and business enquiries are matched to the most suitable and experienced advisory board member to assist where possible.
Price and payment is guided by the relevant advisory board member and their business terms and conditions.  

There is no membership fee to join IFAB, there's a social commitment that value shared is value gained.  Please refer to our community guidelines for more information.

We need to build a shoppable app, but I don't know who to ask.

Have a look at the IFAB Ecosystem for our recommended tech vendors.

This is a large undertaking and a project that needs a very considered approach to mapping out the architecture.  Through our connections we are able to guide you in this process, please contact our team independently.

The business is scaling rapidly, how do we upgrade our systems?

We have a number of people in the IFAB community who can provide advice in launching your business in international markets.  Alternatively, Austrade include helpful resources on their website.

How can I get a better understanding of launching globally?