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Fashion Designer, Researcher, Educator.

My career as a fashion designer began in graphic design, marketing and advertising. Creating content and imagery for lifestyle brands including Westfield retailers was a great start to my career in fashion visualisation. Later, pursuing international opportunities, I worked in layout for fashion magazines Vogue, Elle and Madame Figaro in Paris. Following this, I began my own designer label, employing and managing a team of highly skilled fashion professionals, producing high price point garments. On my return to Australia, I wholesaled and opened boutiques in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. After several successful years owning my own label, I became increasingly interested in sharing the wealth of knowledge I had accumulated in the fashion industry. 

I began my teaching career applying my strengths in design studio work, styling, context and influences, as well as fashion visualisation through manual and computer aided design. I have successfully undertaken program and faculty management, course compliance and curriculum development for blended learning environments.

Teaching also broadened my view of the context of fashion and self-determined creative careers, which in turn led to my current research activities. My Doctoral studies were concerned with improving the viability of long-term independent and sustainable fashion design entrepreneurship in the current creative economy. Through this research I found that many resources are already available to support fashion entrepreneurs, but they are dispersed and at different levels. As a result, I am currently developing the Fashion Business eMentor , a comprehensive and curated online resource, which draws together the information already available online to assist small fashion business.

My design, teaching and research practice have brought me into contact with an expanding network of fashion industry stakeholders. Today I pursue opportunities to educate and mentor aspiring fashion professionals.


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