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The Independent Fashion Advisory Board - a global think-tank and advisory body of fashion business professionals who are working together to share knowledge, collaborate and advocate change within the fashion industry.

Our aim is to provide designers, e-commerce retailers and entrepreneurs access to a global network of like-minded people passionate about fashion.  We’re all curious about emerging technology, new business models, and trends then sharing our learnings within the community.   

The IFAB community and ecosystem are invaluable resources to support you when starting or improving your business.  Alternatively, it is useful when you’re looking to gain a better understanding of the business and technology side of fashion and who you can talk to for more information.

Click through to read the advisory panel profiles and the about page for more information.  Get in touch via email with any questions and if you would like to be part of our invite-only Slack community head to the Slack page, and keep an eye on the events and blog pages for updates.


   Illustration by  The Juliet Report

Illustration by The Juliet Report

Fashion brands better start thinking of how to bring new things to people or else the G is not going to be a freaking Gucci, that shit is going to be Google.
— will.i.am


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