Kaio Freitas

Kaio Freitas

Kaio Freitas


Founder of Moda Limpa

Kaio is a serial entrepreneur with a heart for social impact and innovation. Having founded from startups to social movements, the intersection between tech and purpose is Kaio’s sweet spot.

With 10+ years of experience in the creative industry, Kaio is the founder of Moda Limpa (Clean Fashion in Portuguese), a tech platform that helps fashion brands to be more sustainable by finding and vetting sustainable and ethical suppliers in Brazil.

Based in Rio de Janeiro, Kaio also accumulates passages through cities like Mexico City, Los Angeles, Austin and Nairobi working in partnership with NGOs, startups and government agencies to imagine ideas and opportunities for innovation that can transform the world through design and technology.

In 2017 he was nominated one of 68 most inspiring men in Brazil according to the website "Papo de Homem" and in 2018 Kaio was also selected to be part of the Young Leaders of the Americas, an U.S. Department of State fully-funded program to empower young entrepreneurs from Latin America and the Caribbean.

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