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If you’re a startup founder doing it alone, you’ll likely be asked by venture capitalists, experienced startup founders, business mentors and advisors why you don’t have a co-founder? For the very simple reason, it’s too risky for the startup to have only one person at the helm wearing all hats. Having two or more co-founders instills confidence in potential investors and partners that each founder has their area of expertise and skills to build a stable business.

Startups typically have founders who have deep knowledge in technology (build, infrastructure, development); marketing and sales; and a specific understanding of the target industry. Easier said than done, and when you’re working diligently on the initial minimum viable product, finding a co-founder can seem out of reach. We want to help remove those barriers for entrepreneurs by making introductions to people interested in becoming a co-founder or advisor of a startup. To identify gaps in skillsets and suggest people who might be a good fit.


How it works and what to expect

  1. If you’re looking for a startup co-founder or advisor - complete the form on the left.

  2. If you’re keen on becoming a startup co-founder or advisor - fill in the form on the right.

We’ll go through our network for potential matches, then catch up with you independently to discuss the opportunity further. Our panel of mentors will conduct business analysis and due diligence, then schedule a formal roundtable discussion with everyone involved.

And, remember guys, this is a very new initiative and we’re here to help facilitate the connection. It’s up to you as the founder or potential co-founder to be honest with what you need and offer a fair and mutually beneficial value exchange. We are currently building the database of candidates, so please submit your interest to be in the mix.

The IFAB Biz Match Maker program is open to fashion and tech startups, so let’s get you matched!


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