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Get to know our network of expert mentors who have experience across various aspects of business - both fashion and technology. Chat one-on-one and reach out with questions, queries, feedback in the #Mentors channel in Slack.


Access specially created business resources to help you move forward with your business. The resource library will be updated regularly.

Download the interactive worksheets, save to your drive and update them as change occurs in your biz. Listen to IFAB biz podcast episodes for tips and tricks and watch how-to videos (coming soon) that will equip you with practical insights.


Scope out the IFAB member directory, connect on social media and start networking. An important part of being an entrepreneur is to build a network and establish your thought-leadership status within the industry.

Get to know others on a similar path and gain an understanding of their goals and objectives so you can help each other grow. It doesn’t have to be a lonely road to the top, having a supportive community can make a huge difference mentally and professionally.


There are loads of awesome technology solutions out there to help retailers solve problems stifling their biz, but it can be confusing as to what to use, how to use it and if it will connect to existing business programs?

We have put together more than a list of solutions, we have packaged up best in case technologies for four business types - physical store; multi-locations; eCommerce and; scaling eCommerce.

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