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Our Work


Masterful Connections
Facilitating Industry Collaboration


Blockchain x Sustainability Marketplace

IFAB’s focus on elevating new and emerging technology was top priority in this case to bring together two innovative players at the top of their game. Together, a Blockchain technology company and sustainability eCommerce platform are working to build a trusted verification process authenticating sustainable products.


Okkular x Dresswhere

Through the IFAB community, we facilitated a connection between progressive local startups Okkular and Dresswhere. Optimising Dresswhere’s search engine capability with Okkular Visual Search and Automated Tagging technology to accelerate product categorisation and specify relevant attributes on the Dresswhere platform.


Method of Denim Web Relaunch

Through the IFAB Match Maker Program, Method of Denim Founder Lloyd Boolkin was matched with Global Brand Director Gill Kingston who specialises in fashion and sports brands.

Lloyd and Gill have worked closely for 3 months to refine the Method of Denim brand identity, tone of voice, target personas, product categories and market positioning resulting in a full web relaunch, process library and business roadmap.


Austin x Adelaide

IFAB initiated an international sister city collaboration between Austin, Texas and Adelaide, South Australia during Austin Fashion Week 2019. Several designers from South Australia were invited to showcase their collections in a special Australian runway show.


FashionEx Shanghai

IFAB and FashionEx Shanghai work closely to help entrepreneurs understand the Chinese market. Co-founder of FashionEx Shanghai, educator and industry innovation Vincent Djen is our community’s expert in launching new business ventures in China, navigating cultural nuances and building industry connections to assist brands looking to setup shop in China.


The Bridge Fashion Incubator

Singapore’s first fashion business program The Bridge Fashion Incubator powered by the Textiles and Fashion Federation launched recently with IFAB as one of their key industry partners. The collaboration enables TBFI cohorts to participate in the IFAB Slack community, make valuable international connections and access a panel of industry experts. This curated program of support and mentoring will assist TBFI entrepreneurs in their startup journey and go-to-market strategies.


Emerging Technology One-Pagers


Download and peruse the Digital Maturity Overview papers to gain an understanding of what and how new technologies are being applied in fashion.


Co-Op Consulting


Retail Strategy & Digital Expertise
Operations / Marketing / Innovation


A curated group of fashion/retail consultants


Christine Proctor // Retail and CX Consultant

A passionate advocate for the customer and a natural strategist, Christine quickly embeds herself within a business in order to establish a thorough understanding of the essence of the business, the customers, and pathways to market. She relies on customer insights and data to formulate and optimise strategy and effectively connect strategies to operational execution and CX delivery.

With a track record of delivering strategic change initiatives in ambiguous, growth-focused, omni-channel environments, Christine draws on her generalist, marketing and operational experience to navigate across stakeholders and diverse teams. This, combined with a genuine passion for customers and a healthy dose of pragmatism, are hallmarks of Christine’s professional style.

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Katie Smith // Retail & Trends Strategist

Data storyteller with over 10 years retail industry experience all over the world: USA, UK, AUS. A former womenswear designer, Katie was an early hire at Edited, where she spent 8 years shaping content, unearthing insights and speaking on consumer trends globally. Now Katie helps businesses with strategy, specialising in the trend, content, retail, consumer and tech spaces.

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Matthew Lucas // Luxury Retail Specialist

Retail business consultant, Matthew has extensive experience in the design, objects, interiors, luxury and fashion arenas. Thorough understanding of the consumer journey focusing on business development, retail strategy & implementation, partnerships and collaborations, marketing and communications.

An ability to connect individuals and brands to further growth and establish new markets has been a consistent driver of his success. Matthew has spoken at design conferences and in-store events on interior design and retail strategy and guest lectured on marketing, branding and PR strategy to TAFE fashion students.

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Angela Millar // Fashion HR & Recruitment Consultant

As the Founder of the Talent Mill - Angela is a lifestyle and fashion recruitment specialist with more than 15 years experience working in retail operations and internal and executive agency recruitment specifically to luxury and premium fashion and lifestyle brands.

Based in Melbourne but operating Australia-wide, Angela provides recruitment and training services to both job-seekers and fashion and lifestyle companies.

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Saskia Fairfull // Marketing, Design & Digital Consultant

Working with a range of early stage and scale-up fashion/retail tech startups as well as emerging fashion brands, Saskia has the eye of a creative director, a knack for connecting like-minded people, and proven strength in developing ideas quickly using logic and critical thinking. With several years experience as a marketing manager and chief experience officer in a niche software consultancy, Saskia is passionate about digital innovation and is continuously learning about new and emerging technologies.

As founder of IFAB, Saskia is motivated by bringing people together to learn, grow and collaborate. Fostering community and supporting entrepreneurs is just a couple of ways Saskia creates impactful connections all over the world. Paired with a deep understanding of marketing and event management, Saskia holds the skills to elevate challenger brands eager to disrupt the status quo, just as she does in life.

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