Slack Guidelines

Slack Guidelines

Slack Guidelines


Be Respectful

Please avoid engaging in heated arguments, call people names, or be intentionally mean spirited. If you have problems with another community member, please talk to @saskia or another IFAB admin member to help resolve the problem.

Relevant Channels

Please use the relevant channels for communicating and sharing information.

#general is used for general announcements, welcome messages, Q&A
#events upcoming relevant events in the fashion industry (also business and technology related)
#people is used for finding out who is in the IFAB Slack community or asking the community for specific introductions
#random is for off-topic chat
#resources is a place to share industry reports, news articles, and interesting content
#startup for those involved in fashion tech startups
#sustainability this channel is relevant to anyone interested in sustainability and ethical practices
#tech is a channel for technologists who are working on something or are keen to collaborate on something within fashion and tech

Common Sense

Not every situation may be covered by these rules. If you're not sure if something is appropriate, please ask an IFAB community admin member (@saskia @jesmillspaugh).


Slack Community members who don't adhere to these guidelines will be given warnings, and repeat offenders may be asked to leave Slack. Our aim is to create the best possible atmosphere for all of our community members, and keeping our public chat channels comfortable for all users is very important.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the Slack Community Guidelines, please contact the admin team - info@fashionadvisors.co.