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The Independent Fashion Advisory Board - a global think-tank with access to professionals who have the same goal of sustaining the integrity of fashion in a hyper-experienced world.

Our aim is to support businesses evolve and thrive in a tech-enabled industry. Many brands are feeling the pressure to transform, and obstacles can often restrict an organisation from moving forward at a pace that is comparable to serving the corporate culture and customer experience.  

Our advisory board and ecosystem are invaluable resources to assist you with developing a roadmap best suited to business and customer needs.

Advisory Board members are appointed for a 12 month period and are experts with cutting edge knowledge and experience.

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Advisory Areas

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BUsiness & DIGITAL

Helping entrepreneurs start new fashion businesses or guiding established companies to innovate, embrace change or gain a better understanding of industry insights and benchmarks.
Becoming a more technologically savvy business is a long and ever-evolving journey.  A digital roadmap is a good place to start and will assist in establishing company direction and transformation projects.

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Placing the brand under a microscope, enables us to clearly identify what works and where improvements need to be made. This strategic overview can be crafted to guide your company's leadership team and alignment with business direction to achieve purposeful outcomes.  By achieving shorter goals more regularly, change doesn't feel like such a mammoth project.

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A number of fashion/retail professionals are turning to entrepreneurship and startups in an attempt to solve many of the challenges within the fashion industry.  There is great opportunity to create useful technology solutions to improve retail customer experiences, and to forge sustainable pathways for innovation.  We are here as mentors to ensure success is achieved throughout this journey.