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About IFAB

Launching in April 2017 Founding Member - Saskia Fairfull set out to create a new door to fashion, enabling technologists and business professionals a shot at helping the industry innovate.

“Fashion for the most part is resisting technological innovation. The perceived risk outweighing the motivation to try, but that attitude is shifting. Having a trusted network of experts and optimists, IFAB offers a safety net for fashion businesses to pilot new and emerging technologies gaining a competitive edge.” Says Saskia Fairfull.

The IFAB community includes local and international professionals helping businesses keep up with digital change, to avoid getting left behind.  
Our collective works with businesses to minimise those risks and reshape a company's direction alongside an executive leadership team, retail startup or designer’s launching in market.

Areas of expertise range from business strategy, supply chain, sustainable practices, branding, marketing, process improvement, in-store experience, customer experience mapping and startup mentoring.

  Custom    Method of Denim    jacket

Custom Method of Denim jacket



To help fashion businesses connect with new technologies ensuring a sustainable future in retail. 


We believe in: 
-Trying something new.
-Paying it forward.
-Being fiercely independent.


The IFAB Slack Group is free to join. Contribute to conversations or ask questions. Request to join the Slack channel below and collaborate with like-minded fashion tech professionals.

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Tech Startups

Startup founders, we’re your go-to tribe for advice, mentoring, and connections. Our aim is to connect you with fashion retailers, so you can put your tech to the test, and learn in real time. The IFAB network is full of technologists and a great resource if you need to talk shop.

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Fashion entrepreneurs, we’re here to help you become digitally enabled. Meaning, an accessible business to your shoppers wherever they are in the world. IFAB is a highly curated professional network, no bull shit and zero salesy talk, yes there are buzzwords flying around, but when you put the lingo to work magic happens.

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Venture Capital

There are a number of experienced entrepreneurs and advisors in the IFAB community, our understanding of the startup landscape spans multiple countries. Venture Capital firms have confidence in our network to share insights, trends and the up-and-coming startups they will want to know about.

This community stands out in its dynamism and professionalism. Unlike other support communities that tend to focus on emerging designers, IFAB is replete with fashion professionals that have been around once or twice and are still keen to move the industry forward. I can see the community building bit by bit into a hotbed of innovative thought, experimentation and opportunity.
— Hilde Heim, fashion designer, researcher & educator