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Vincent Djen

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Fashion Innovator, Educator and Co-founder of Fashion Ex, Shanghai

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Vincent studied abroad in North America for 10 years and now resides in Shanghai working with fashion brands to build long-lasting businesses. Vincent has worked with major lifestyle fashion brands, as well as young startup fashion brands across the premium segment in Europe and North America. His expertise spanning product development, innovation, sustainability, and production for 13+ years in the family owned business started by his parents in 1975. He also advises early-stage fashion startups on entrepreneurship, innovation, and industry trends through the FashionEx accelerator.

Vincent serves on the Board of Directors for EO China East chapter in Shanghai. EO is a leading worldwide organization for entrepreneurs with over 13,000 members around the globe. He is a frequent guest lecturer at Istituto Marangoni, Shanghai, is a mentor at ImpactHub Shanghai and an advisor for FashionZone at Ryerson University.

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